NetherRealm Releases Terminator MK11 Trailer

The Terminator (T-800) is here. Shotgun loaded and ready for war. As the next playable fighter set to join MK11, it was only right that he’d get his own trailer…

This new combatant is one tough cookie. Featuring a nearly indestructible body, multiple guns, and super strength, he’s a strong addition to MK11’s large cast of characters.

NetherRealm did a great job here. Not only does The Terminator look like Arnold, he also features several elements pulled from his films – he seems to fight and move in a stiff robotic fashion, he has time displacement moves and his fatality sends foes to the future.

The Terminator will be available on October 8th for Kombat Pack* owners. Everyone else will be able to purchase him separately a week later. From there, the new additions include Sindel (Nov. 26th), The Joker (Jan. 28th) and highly anticipated Spawn (March 17th).

*Players looking to get all of the extra characters and bonus character can do so buy purchasing the Kombat Pack for $39.99.

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