Nintendo’s Switch Has it’s Best Sales Week Ever Last Month

The Switch has always sold well. Partly because it’s a solid system with some unique features; being a hybrid portable/home-based console is certainly a perk. Its first party line up is what keeps it flying off the shelves though.

This is seemingly why the Switch recently had its best week of sales ever in the U.S. Over the Thanksgiving week (Nov. 24th to the 30th), the Switch and Switch lite sold a combined total of 830,000 units. This isn’t too surprising considering a new Pokémon game dropped last month.

Some of the sales came by way of Black Friday offers and cool bundles. That said, bundling a Switch with Mario Kary 8 Deluxe – an amazing game, no doubt – isn’t pushing the envelope sales wise. Not like Pokémon Sword & Shield, which already sold over 3 million copies in the Americas.

Basically, Nintendo’s console was poised to sell a lot this holiday season. I’m sure they’re going to sell even more as we get closer to Christmas.

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