Obsidian Announces Grounded at Microsoft’s X019

Obsidian Entertainment recently revealed a new IP. Apparently, The Outer Worlds wasn’t the only game they were working on…

Their new game, called Grounded, is a cooperative survival game involving shrunken players; its got a Honey I Shrunk the Kids vibe. These ant sized kids will need to traverse micro-world of a suburban backyard as they go about their lives.

It’s an interesting concept. Even more so, is Grounded’s narrative. This isn’t a never-ending survival game. Players will have to craft items, forge for food, battle the elements/bugs, and more as go about completing their adventure.

How players complete the story is up to them; it isn’t exactly linear in design. Up to four players can team up to complete missions and/or explore the backyard.

Developed by a small team within Obsidian, Grounded is headed towards Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. It’ll also be available via the Xbox Game Pass – a first for a preview title – when it launches next Spring. Here’s hoping that it’s as fun as it looks!

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