Quake Champions Gets New Mode and Champion

Quake Champions, as an Early Access title, is constantly being improved. Whether it’s new compatibilities options or new gameplay elements, id is working hard to make it the best it can be. The latest update(s) follows suit…

The October update provided performance upgrades – addressing “ghost” inputs and framerate issues – as well as slight changes to the endgame podium. Now fans will be able to see scoreboard at the close of a match. It also added new arcade mode options and tweaks to certain gameplay elements. One of the biggest additions is the new Slipgate mode (which features its own festival where players can unlock goodies just for playing). This mode is of the attack-and-defend variety, where two teams fight over a Slipgate portal. One team is tasked with defending team (Elder God cultist) are trying to open the portal and summon an ancient menace while the attackers try to close it before all hell breaks loose.

The other big addition is a new champion. Named Athena, she was among the first to sign up to the GDF to fight the Strogg. She unfortunately (or fortunately?) was accidentally teleported to the Dreamland arenas, allowing her to murder foes with the rest of Champion’s cast.

Quake Champions is an entertaining fast paced shooter currently in Early Access. Those looking to play can freely do so via Bethesda.net and Steam. Feel free to read about our hands-on experience below. Just know that it’s changed a lot (for the better) since that article posted.

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