Race The Sun, A Kickstarter Worth Mentioning

I’m sure by now you’ve grown weary of Kickstarter stories. Everyone promising awesomeness if you back their projects, games, consoles, etc. Well, I have another one for you. Now before you decided to run away screaming with your hands covering your ears, hear me out. I think this new title from Flippfly is actually something worth looking at!

Race The Sun has a simple concept; you fly a solar powered ship and race against the sunset while avoiding obstacles. Along the way are boosts that propel you forward and help in your race by reversing time momentarily. The object is to see how long you go before the sun sets or you crash violently into something. As simple as it is, I’m sure Aaron and Forest Filippo can explain it better than I can:

I really dig the sense of speed and the way the levels change during a flight. The color palette, though minimal, is pretty cool as well. It’s like someone from TRON flew into the Twilight Zone. What I like the most about the video was that the game looks like it would be fun to play.  Especially when it came to flying through a portal and ending up in someone’s created world!

Flippfly has a lot of industry knowledge under its belt; Aaron Filippo has worked on titles such as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Modern Warfare 3, to name a few. This knowledge will definitely help them in terms of getting out a really compelling title. That’s one of the reasons why this Kickstarter is worth looking into. And, if you happen to be on the fence about pledging, there is a handy dandy demo you can try.

The kickstarter will end on March 7th. Hopefully, enough of us can pledge in time; they’re $8350 bucks away from their goal as of this writing. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to miss out on a cool game because…well, that would suck!

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