Red Dead Online Gets a Battle Royale Mode

Rockstar has been steadily improving Red Dead Online. This included fixing bugs, addressing player concerns, and tweaking the game’s economy. Today’s update, however, adds a battle royale mode called Gun Rush.

Gun Rush puts 32 players in a large open area with the goal of being last person standing (or last team standing, depending on the settings chosen). They’ll have to scramble to acquire weapons and ammo in order to defend themselves. While this is happening, the play area will shrink, forcing more confrontations. Again, it’s battle royale – we’ve all come to expect this type of play. What makes it interesting is it set in Red Dead’s world.

Offering players something new to do in Red Dead Online is a smart move. As someone who isn’t really invested in the basic offerings (Team Deathmatch and so on), it’s nice to be able to jump into a unique game mode. At least, when it comes to Rockstar’s games.

Red Dead Online will stay in Beta for a few more months. Rockstar is promising more updates. Some will add new content surrounding Races and Showdown modes. Others will provide more clothing and emote options. All of them will consider player feedback; I’m personally looking forward to the new story content featuring notable NPCs.

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