SNK Announces Samurai Shodown’s Launch Month

SNK recently revealed the release month for their upcoming fighter, Samurai Shodown. Acting as a reboot of the series, fans will get to clash swords locally and online come June…

We don’t know the exact day in June it’ll be dropping; apparently, it’ll land on consoles that month, followed by a PC version sometime later. What we do know is that this Samurai Shodown is a soft reboot. Taking place after the events of Samurai Shodown V (and before the events of the original game), fans will don the younger shoes of old and new characters.

Samurai Shodown will feature multiple game modes – including an “innovative” asynchronous online mode called Dojo – a new look/3D graphics, and more. It’ll be released on the PS4 and Xbox One this June, the Switch in Q4 2019 and on PC at a later date. PAX East attendees will be able to play the game early though.

Afterwards, they’ll be able to attend the Samurai Shodown – Resurrecting a Legend panel on Saturday, March 30th from 4:30pm – 5:30pm EDT. It’ll be moderated by Team Spooky’s Giby and feature SNK vets, including the Director of the original game, Yasushi Adachi.

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