Square Releases FFVII Remake Theme Song Trailer

Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake today. In it, the developer unveils the title’s theme song while showcasing moments that are reminiscent of the original game.

The new theme song, titled Hollow, sounds great. Written by series composer Nobuo Uematsu, with vocals from Yosh – from the Japanese Rock band, Survive Said The Prophet – it’s sure to resonate with old and new fans alike.

The trailer also features reimagined scenes from the first game. These moments are made “new” thanks to Remake’s modern elements. The same goes for the characters themselves; Sephiroth has never looked so good evil.

The hype for Final Fantasy VII Remake is through the roof. Even though it was delayed till April – which is dangerously close to Cyberpunk’s release date – fans are still eagerly awaiting its release. These new trailers only help in keeping their attention.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available for the PS4 on April 10th. Be sure to check back here for more game related news.  

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