Tears to Tiara 2 Characters and Art Book Reveal!

The countdown to the Western release of Tears to Tiara 2 is underway. In hopes of getting fans excited, ATLUS revealed some news about the game’s main characters. Check them out below:


The sole survivor of Hispania’s royal bloodline. A reserved and kind boy. His father, an Imperial noble and governor of the province, was killed seven years ago for the crime of plotting a rebellion. As the son of a traitor, Hamil has lived under the Empire’s watch ever since. In order to overthrow the Empire, Hamil lives under the guise of a weak and cowardly boy, but in truth, he is a composed tactician. He has inherited his father’s will and is waiting for an opportunity to destroy the Empire and earn Hispania’s independence. His secret, furtive desires summon Tarte.


A girl from the spirit world. The goddess of prosperity and war who has been worshipped since ancient times. Though called a deity, she is in truth a daughter of the elf tribe, who walked the earth before mankind. She may sometimes be arrogant for a goddess, but is compassionate and direct. Every day, she wishes to become a wise and benevolent goddess who teaches and guides mankind. She has been with Hamil’s family for ages and, in accordance with his wishes, decides to help fight against the Empire. Due to her lengthy stay in the spirit world, she has strong aspirations for the earth and is full of curiosity.


A martial-arts instructor of a vocational school. As Enneads’s aid, Monomachus teaches the village children. When he was younger, he was known as the strongest warrior in Hispania, and even after he retired from the battlefield, he served as an advisor to the late governor. Monomachus values earnest fortitude and valor, and often favors military action.

You can find about the other characters here.

ATLUS also revealed that pre-order copies (and a limited first-run) of Tears of Tiara 2: Heir of the Overlord will come with a 31-page art book. This full color collection features the art of Naru Furudera; character sketches and background drawings are presented in great detail.


Tears of Tiara 2: Heir of the Overlord will be landing on the PS3 on October 14th (Nov. 7th in Europe)!

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