The State of UFG

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now. Been dragging my feet; I think actually putting my departure on the site made it realer than I wanted it to be. But basically, I’ve stepped down as Editor-in-Chief of UFG.

I talked about why I stepped down and what that means for the site on The G.A.M.E. Cast: EP 29 (embedded below). The long and short of it: I needed to step away. We weren’t able to sustain ourselves financially, especially this year (amid Covid and such). The site will stay up as a living resume. We’ll add reviews and editorials – like my recent Yakuza: Like a Dragon review – when given the opportunity. But most of our future work, freelanced or otherwise, will be done on other sites.

The YouTube page will offer streamed content and our podcast for now. Be sure to subscribe there (and follow me on Twitter) to learn what our next moves are. I want to give a special shout out to the fans that stuck with us over the years. Here’s hoping you’ll stick with us for whatever the future holds!

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