Ubisoft Releases Roller Champions Gameplay Trailer

Ubisoft hosted one of the better E3 conferences this year. Featuring new content for currently available games, exciting sequels, and a couple of new IP’s – they made sure they weren’t outdone by the other presenters.

While the press con was filled with notable announcements, the reveal of Roller Champions was one of the more interesting ones. This Free-to-Play sports title focuses on fast-paced PvP gameplay, where two teams of three compete in large circular arenas while wearing roller skates/blades.

Roller Champions seems to combine Roller Derby with Basketball. In order to score, a team must complete a lap in the arena while in possession of the game’s ball. Once they’ve done that, they’ll be given the go ahead to try scoring by tossing the ball through a glowing hoop.

Team can score more points by making consecutive laps before throwing the ball through the hoop. This is risky of course; the other team isn’t going to just stand around and watch. They’re going to try to defend the hoop, tackle the person with the ball or try to intercept a pass.

The game will apparently sport an interesting progression system. As players continue to play (and win), they’ll start to gain fans. Eventually they’ll be allowed to move to bigger arenas/rank up with their growing fan base. Players will also be able to unlock customization items, fan celebrations and more through continued play. There’s bound to be paid options as well.

Roller Champions looks like a fun time waiting to happen. Those of you who are eager to check it out have until the end of today to download the demo. Whatever you do, keep it locked here for more game related news.

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