Agents of Mayhem Gets a Release Date!

Deep Silver and Volition recently release more information about their upcoming action packed title, Agents of Mayhem. There’s plenty of tidbits worthy of note, (you know, like the game’s release date) but what I’m most curious about is what’s happened since we first saw the Agents…

It seems that the agents have been busy, sans player input. The press release we got describes how they were able to defeat the evil supervillain organization called LEGION. Well, somewhat – they took down LEGION’s leader, Dr. Babylon only for someone else to take his place. Working under an ex-LEGION lieutenant, the agents will take the fight to this new mysterious leader, the Morningstar. Fun times.

Something I wasn’t sure of was whether or not Agents of Mayhem would be feature multiplayer options; the trailer reminded me of Crackdown. That said, like early Saints Row titles, Agents will be a single player experience. Gamers will need to assemble squads of three from a cast of twelve. From there, they’ll be able to swap between their agents at will as they go about policing the futuristic city of Seoul. Each character has their own personalities, weapons, and skillset.

I’m looking forward to learning more about this game. Being a fan of Saints Row (and Volition’s work in general), it didn’t take much to pique my interest. Of course, I have no idea if the game is going to be fun or not. It does look cool though.

Agents of Mayhem will be available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC come August 15th. We’ll be sure to keep you informed as things progress!

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