Day of Reveals: Red Dead Redemption 2!

Today is the day of reveals. Nintendo has already revealed their next system, the Nintendo Switch. Next up is Rockstar’s debut trailer for the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2!

Just like with the Switch, we’ll show the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer before following up with our thoughts; it’s embedded below and will go live at 11am ET. Since we have a few minutes before show time, feel free to chat with me on Twitter. What do you think will be shown besides story content? What about this mysterious new online mode? Is that John Marston’s son in the teaser image? Send your questions to me and we’ll speculate together!

Update: The teaser is out and…well, it looks great. One thing to note up front: Rockstar’s trailers normally show in-game footage. Sure, these are cutscenes but they might also represent actual gameplay.

Being a teaser and all, we didn’t get to see much of anything concrete. Who’s the new protagonist? What part of the country are we in? Who are his friends? There just weren’t enough to delve into (though I’m sure people will be watching it in slow-mo to pick up any clues). Still, it’s exciting to see Red Dead again. Here’s hoping we hear more about this title in the near future!

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