The Flame in the Flood

February 24, 2016

Developed by:The Molasses Flood Published by:The Molasses Flood Genre(s):
  • Rougelike
  • Survival
  • Platform:
  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • Sony
  • Cost:$19.99 ESRB Rating:TEEN Players:1

    The Flame in the Flood is a roguelike, survival game developed by The Molasses Flood. Players will take on the role of Scout, a young girl trying to survive a mostly flooded Earth with her dog, Aesop. They have to navigate flood waters on a raft, stopping at different “islands” to find supplies, craft items and hunt for food. And unlike other survival games, Flame in the Flood has an ending.

    The Flame in the Flood

    The Flame in the Flood is something special. Not perfect, mind you, but definitely special. 

    March 10th, 2016

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