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  • Cost:$15.99 ($60 For Full Season) ESRB Rating:MATURE Players:1 Release date:March 11, 2016 Reviewed on:XBox One Episode Release Date:September 27, 2016

    Hitman Episode 5: Colorado

    “It feels good to be home”, once proclaimed the eccentric Kanye West. The sentiment rings true in this episode of Hitman. We’ve been sent all around the world to dispatch corrupt officials, mad scientists – basically, an assortment of despicable people. This time however, our target is stationed in the United States.  The “vacation” is over. Let’s head to Colorado…

    This review is solely based on episode 5 of the current episodic Hitman title. So if you wish to hear more in depth about gameplay or how this installment fits into the series, you can use the link here to take you back to my review of episode 1.

    My excitement for the trek home isn’t a prideful thing. Well, not in the usual way (I’m not from Colorado). It’s just nice to see a place within the US, considering this latest Hitman has been known for its willingness to explore other countries.  Now, even though I respect their decision to going to a place less traveled in gaming, Colorado may not have been my first choice for Agent 47 to visit. That said, the moment the gorgeous mountainous backdrop, the farm estate, and the beautiful natural lighting from the moon load in, I was completely sold on this location.

    The nice scenery hides the fact that this mission is officially the most difficult one IO has released. Over the last few episode reviews, I’ve complained about the game’s AI being too predictable and/or unresponsive to somebody creeping around. Unless I do something major (like go into a restricted area or stand to close to a dead body), no one seems to care that I’m eavesdropping on their conversations while following them from room to room. Unfortunately, for this episode, nothing has changed in that regard. What attributed to my tough goings was the sheer number of enemies on patrol. It isn’t the perfect trade off but I’ll take what I can get.

    The reason there are so many guards is because the farm estate is actually a training camp for a private militia. Led by a terrorist named Sean Rose, this group is believed to be behind the Thomas Cross’s kidnapping from the previous episode. If that wasn’t reason enough to send in an assassin, ICA discovered that the shadow client’s transmissions were sent by someone within the compound. Four targets are placed in Agent 47’s crosshairs before the mission concludes. Interesting enough, they aren’t the only ones being targeted…

    Vague plot points aside, the overall narrative seem to be winding to a close. I’m excited on how things are panning out though; there coming power struggle between the ICA and the mysterious syndicate the game’s been hinting at is finally taken shape. Now, after all of the sneaking around, I am dying to see a mission where we can really show off Agent 47’s weapons skills or hand to hand combat. I know I can easily go replay missions and just go guns out, but it just doesn’t fit narrative. For the most part, everything is set up for stealth. I haven’t found many reasons to break out the heavier weapons I’ve unlocked. Hopefully, the final mission will force a confrontation that’s more overt in nature.

    Back to this mission – like the other episodes, it’s imperative that you listen to the frequent chatter between NPCs. If you haven’t learned by now, most of the replay value comes from finding alternative ways to take down targets. And the best way to learn about these different methods is by using the information you overhear. The added difficulty actually helps here; it may be easier to go at your targets from a different angle. I’m sure most will be entertained by what’s offered even if they don’t perform every take down though. For the most part, Colorado proved to be just as interesting as some of the other places we’ve visited.



    The AI is still needs improving. The mission still proved tricky though (even on normal settings).



    The visuals are still top notch!



    From conversations to explosions, everything sounds great!

    Replay Value:


    Again, the added difficulty helps this episode. Having so many enemies actually encouraged the seeking of other options.

    Final Score:


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