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  • Cost:$15.99 ($60 For Full Season) ESRB Rating:MATURE Players:1 Release date:March 11, 2016 Reviewed on:XBox One Episode Release Date:October 31, 2016

    Hitman Episode 6: Hokkaido

    We have finally come to the bittersweet end of the first episodic Hitman title. Being that we’ve ventured all over the world as Agent 47, this allows for a bit of closure. Thankfully, it’s also much more than that; Square Enix has a history of making sure that their games’ final missions are worth the entire game’s play through. This fact rings true with Hitman as our trip to Japan doesn’t end in disappointment!

    This review is solely based on episode 6 of the current episodic Hitman title. So if you wish to hear more in depth about gameplay or how this installment fits into the series, you can use the link here to take you back to my review of episode 1.

    Our backdrop for the final mission is a private hospital located in Hokkaido, Japan. This mission, unlike our past exploits, just requires us to take down two targets before leaving the facility. There’s no need to acquire further information or intercept a person besides our targets. It’s rather odd, though it makes sense given the plot. Our main target is Soders, a defected agent who went to our rivals in exchange for a heart transplant – because of his condition (Situs Inversus), he’ll need a rare right sided heart. His plan is to give up information about the ICA once he’s had the operation. There’s no need for extra info considering out much of a threat he poses with the agency.

    Having to take down two targets in a place full of rich, sick, and dying people shouldn’t be that difficult, right? I learned really quickly that it wasn’t as cut and dry as I thought. The first big difference is you cannot take any weapons into the mission with you. We are used to having Agent 47’s quintessential items like his fiber wire, a silenced pistol, etc. This forces us to make do with whatever’s available within the environment. And though there aren’t a lot in way of extra needed information, finding both targets can prove challenging. Both are heavily guarded, providing only brief windows of time to attack them when they’re alone. Like most stealth games, things become a bit easier once you’ve learned everyone’s repetitive movements. I spent about 20-30 minutes just following my targets before I even could find a weapon to kill them with. It is imperative to sneak around into other rooms so that you can find whatever disguises you can because there a little opportunities for you to be able to gain one. This makes this mission the most strategic one to date and had me hoping that the future season will offer more like this one.

    While I sure it would be difficult to make things completely realistic – like having a target do random things at different times – I still wish that the AI would better respond to my agent 47’s awkwardness.  For example, at one point I ease dropped on two characters who were talking in a snow covered Japanese garden. They clearly don’t want anyone to overhear their conversation given the nature of the conversation, yet they don’t mind the random bald dude in a robe and cowboy hat standing in the cold without adequate clothing. I mean, how much harm could he be, right?  Not to mention, the beautifully rendered snow effects make the robe on agent 47 stand out like a sore thumb and yet, nobody stops talking about secret stuff. It’s a wonder that it took a hacker to steal secret files from this organization when NPC’s will blurt out info in front 47 just because he’s wearing a similar hat as their security detail.

    That complaint aside, I am already clambering at the bits to get a hold of the second season of Hitman. There’s just something about being Agent 47. I can’t wait to see the new places we’ll travel to. Hokkaido closed the game out well and is one of the most detailed of all the missions here. Not my favorite of the episodes but still one of the most challenging to date (IO just needs to work on providing smarter enemies). Now the waiting game begins until we can suit up and hunt down our next targets. Enjoy your vacation, agents!



    A nice finished to Hitman’s first season!



    Awesome visuals (per usual)!



    There weren’t much in the way of explosive gameplay. That said, the voice work is still great.

    Replay Value:


    With multiple ways to finish the mission as well as the challenge provided via the environment itself, there’s no reason to complete it only once.

    Final Score:


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