Square Releases New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

Sony’s State of Play was a hit. The Nintendo Direct-like video showcased a bunch of upcoming titles and a few notable surprises. The biggest of which was the new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake!

Yes, the game is still being made. The last time we heard about it was 2015, 2016…it’s been a minute. Things seem to have been progressing well though; the trailer embedded below looks great.

Square Enix will be releasing more information during E3 – probably during their press event. We’ll probably learn more about the episodic elements and how they’ll be released. Speaking of which, it would be nice to get a solid release date. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. While the game looks great, this is Square we’re talking about.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will eventually be released for the PS4. We’re assuming it’s still coming to the Xbox One – certain retailers outside of the US have/had pre-order options available for that console – just not at launch. Either way, we’ll be sure to share news about this title as soon as we get it.

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