Capcom Announces Devil May Cry 5’s Release Date!

Capcom revealed more details about Devil May Cry 5 during Microsoft’s Inside Xbox show at Gamescom yesterday. Not only did they offer up some story details, they also shared the game’s release date!

A new demon invasion is underway. After the seeds of a demon tree took root in Red Grave City, all hell literally breaks loose. Thankfully Nero (and possibly Dante?) are there to potentially save the day. Nero, who’s partnered with a weapon “artist” named Nico, will utilize mechanical Devil Breaker arms – his right arm was severed in the previous title.

He’ll still use his Blue Rose handgun and Red Queen sword. The Devil Breaker arms, however, will alter his playstyle; the Overture Devil Breaker can shock enemies while the Gerbera Devil Breaker can shoot shockwaves of heat that can reflect projectiles, hurt enemies, and propel Nero through the air.

Dante makes his appearance as well – he nearly steals the show with his motorcycle turned duel sword/chainsaw type weapons. He doesn’t seem to be the antagonist or at odds with Nero. They’ll hopefully team up for some action-packed segments.

Devil May Cry 5 looks really good so far. We’ll have to wait till March 8, 2019, to see if it lives up to the hype though!

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