Darksiders Genesis Gets a Release Date

THQ Nordic recently announced the release date for the Darksiders Genesis. Fans will be able to jump into the first top-down action adventure game this December.

Darksiders Genesis follows the story of Strife – the fourth and final horsemen – who’s tasked with saving mankind from Lucifer. He’ll traverse dangerous environments and battle all sorts of monsters, all alongside his brother War.

THQ also revealed the game’s cooperative mode. Solo players will normally alternate between the two brothers. Two players can also team up to take on Lucifer’s forces, each utilizing a different fighting style; Strife and War specializes in ranged and melee-based attacks, respectfully.

Darksiders Genesis will be released on multiple platforms. It’ll first launch on PC (where pre-orders gain a 15% discount) and Google Stadia versions come December 5th. The console versions will follow on February 14th, 2020. Be sure to check back here as we continue to follow this title!

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