Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gets a Release Date

Nintendo had a lot to share during their recent Direct Video. The most noteworthy news – outside of certain, shocking reveals – was the release date for several first party titles, one of which was Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Appropriately scheduled for an October release, Luigi’s Mansion 3 seems to be the most ambitious game in the franchise. Nintendo had already spoke on the new cooperative elements, unique puzzle mechanics, and more during E3. This time they made mention of the new haunted hotel.

The hotel is larger than ever before, with each floor presenting a different theme. Tomb suites in a pyramid setting, a retro area with a large disco floor, a pirate-themed restaurant – each location will present its own ghosts, puzzles and challenges.

Nintendo also shared more details about the ScreamPark party mode. Up to eight players can battle against each other in various modes, giving players something to do before/after tackling the story.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is poised to be an exciting addition to the Switch’s library. Fans eagerly awaiting its arrival won’t have to wait much longer. Luigi will return to ghost hunting come October 31st.

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