Nintendo Reveals The Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo officially revealed the rumored Switch Lite today. This new version of the popular console is dedicated to handheld mode. Meaning, it won’t connect to a TV; it’s basically Nintendo’s next handheld.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will feature integrated controls, has a smaller body/screen size, and is slightly lighter than the original Switch. It doesn’t have a kickstand (again, it’s meant to be played as a handheld) and it doesn’t have motion or rumble features.

Taking a closer look at the controls, gone are the directional buttons. In their place is a normal d-pad (thank goodness). Everything else found in the original controllers are mirrored, just slightly smaller; the Lite measures at 3.6” high, 8.2” long, .55” deep, compared to the Switch which is 4” high, 9.4” long, .55” deep (with Joy-Con’s attached).

The Lite has some other major differences that fans should be aware of. For one, they’ll need to make sure that the game they want to play support handheld mode. That should be too much of an issue considering that most of the Switch’s library does. They’ll also need to make sure that their games don’t require motion controls (Mario Party). If so, they’ll need to purchase Joy-Cons in order to play.

Nintendo made sure to include a longer lasting battery. That said, it doesn’t substantially increase play time; it added about 30 mins more of battery life, while the overall time limit is similarly based on which game is being played.

Overall, the Nintendo Switch Lite looks like a solid handheld. It’ll still be able to play all of Nintendo’s big games as well as the many popular third-party titles already available on the Switch. And considering its lower price point ($199.99) and different colors (yellow, gray and turquoise), players looking to play their Switch games on the go now have more options. Something that will surely bode well for Nintendo this holiday season!

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available for $199.99 come September 20th.

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