Sony Announces the MediEvil Remake Launch Date

Sony finally showed gameplay footage for the upcoming MediEvil remake during their State of Play video. They also revealed the game’s release date. Thanks to the efforts of developer Other Ocean Interactive, fans will once again don the shoes of Sir Daniel Fortesque come this October!

The original PS1 title started on a sour note. Sir Daniel – the game’s protagonist – dies seconds after attempting to stop the invasion led by an evil wizard named Zarok. Though he falls early on, the kingdom of Gallowmere’s armies still manages to stop the invasion; the King fabricates a story, detailing Sir Daniel’s heroic efforts. Fast forward 100 years later and Zarok’s back at it. This time he summons an undead army to do his bidding. In doing so, he inadvertently resurrects Sir Daniel, giving him a second chance to be a real hero.

This remake follows the same story beats. The gameplay seems similar as well; fans can expect to hack and slash their way through hordes of enemies. That said, it does offer improvements over the original game. That includes better graphics, an improved camera system, new narration (done by veteran voice actress Lani Minella), and more.

MediEvil will launch exclusively for the PS4 on October 25th. Be sure to check back here as we continue to cover this title!

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