World War Z Gets Kill it With Fire Update

Saber Interactive recently released the “Kill it With Fire” update for World War Z. Featuring more free content, this cooperative shooter continues to provide fans with zombie-based entertainment.

This update brings two new PvE missions. The first, Dead in the Water, tasks players with executing an escape plan after being stranded on New York’s Hudson River. The second one, Resurrection, takes place in the tunnels below Moscow.

The update also includes a new weapon (the flamethrower), Halloween trinket, and the ability to prestige rank for special rewards.

Saber is also introducing the WWZ Season Pass. It features all of Season 1 and 2’s current and upcoming preminum DLC for $29.99 (50% off the collective price of each individual item). This includes the Lobo and Biohazard DLC packs, an unreleased episode/location featuring three PvE missions, new weapons and more.

As you can see, World War Z continues to grow. Whether it’s new free content, a season pass or the much anticipated cross-play feature, there’ll be plenty to offer current and returning fans.

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