Fortnite is Getting its Own Pop! Figures

I kept saying that Fortnite was the new Minecraft. With it being on every major platform (at least, it’s battle royale offerings) and getting its own board game, it’s hit a certain level of saturation that rivals some of the biggest games in the world. This is why it should come to no surprise that it’s getting the “Funko treatment”!

Funko recently announced that they’re making Fortnite collectibles based on the game’s skins/costumes. There will be Pocket Pop! Keychains and the ever popular Pop! figures; fans will be able to collect the Recon Specialist, Highrise Assault Trooper, Cuddle Team Leader, Skull Trooper and many more.



Image via Funko


As of right now, there’s been no word on when these collectibles will hit store shelves – I’m assuming they’ll come before year end. Probably in time for Christmas?

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