Destiny 2

September 6, 2017

Developed by:Bungie Published by:Activision Genre(s):
  • FPS
  • Platform:
  • Microsoft
  • PC
  • Sony
  • Cost:$59.99 ESRB Rating:TEEN Players:1 (2-16 Online)

    Destiny 2 is the sequel to one of 2014’s biggest games – an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Bungie. Fans can expect more great FPS action, RPG elements, and (hopefully) a more focused narrative this time around.

    Bungie Releases Teaser for Destiny 2!

    Bungie has done it. They’ve finally announced what a lot of their fans were waiting for! Well…actually, some images were leaked and they responded with a Tweeted logo. BUT... 

    March 28th, 2017

    Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 is much better than Destiny, at the base level... 

    September 14th, 2017

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